Sheet Metal Fabrication

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Norris Mechanical is uniquely positioned to handle all of your sheet metal fabrication needs, in-house plus with our own industrial duty equipment and experienced personnel. Our depth of capabilities means fewer middlemen, faster production times and higher quality. We can transform raw high-quality sheet metals into fantastically precise components for your heating and air system.

Our Viacon large format, dual twin drive, automated sheet metal plasma cutter ensures the ultimate in speed and accuracy. This clean, precision CNC cutting system drastically reduces waste material and operating costs resulting in savings for you as well as respect for the environment. This rugged yet flexible plasma cutting machine is the solution for the optimal processing of HVAC duct fittings.

From cutters and notchers to bending brakes and forming equipment, Norris Mechanical uses the latest equipment and technologies combined with decades of experience plus on-going training to provide all of our customers with the broadest range of services, whether it’s residential, commercial or light industrial.


Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

  • Residential Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Commercial Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Industrial Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Custom Ductwork

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication ORDER FORM

For your convenience, Norris Mechanical provides a Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication ORDER FORM for pricing and ordering. Simply select your “Style” of component, add “Dimensions” as indicated plus include any special notations. Once you return the completed Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication ORDER FORM, a customer service representative will verify receipt and promptly process to supply you with a proposal estimate.

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